Wood Pellet Bulk Delivery

Depending on your wood pellet heating system you will have to choose on the size of your storage bin that can hold enough pellets for the heating seasons. If you decide that you prefer wood pellet bulk delivery with our vacuum truck, you will need a minimum of 4-ton storage container regardless of your heating equipment.

This bulk storage hopper will need to be completely sealed to eliminate noticeable dust turbulence while loading the wood pellet. There is a variety of sizes that will suit your space limitation inside your basement or outside not far from your boiler room. In comparison with oil or propane heating system, the sizing of your container will need to meet the heating load demand require for the heating season.
Furthermore, your storage installation will need to be inspected by BSB team members prior taken any order of wood pellet bulk delivery.

Wood Pellet Bulk Delivery Basic Information

Wood pellets are made from residue of wood manufacturing process capturing the saw dust and other by-products unused. These wood particle residues are dried, pulverized and pushed through die holes which finally produce wood pellets. The wood pellets are made from a combination of very dry hardwood and softwood which therefore produce very little ash content.

Pellets can be easily damaged during delivery, therefore will create dust content in your storage hopper and also can dust outside if container is not properly seals. BSB delivery truck is equipped with vacuum systems that will eliminate the potential of dust turbulence created by plowing wood pellets inside certified container.

BSB delivery truck also has a certified scale weight approved by Measurement Canada underneath the holding tank, including a printer that will issue a delivery slip with tonnage for each customer and the date of delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to transport cost delivery, BSB will work with NB wood pellet producers all across NB and other provinces to deliver pellet from the closest possible supplier in order to offer best delivery price accordingly.

The truck have a certified scale on board approved and calibrated by Measurement Canada with a printer that will give you a slip with your date, tonnage and the date of delivery.

Our delivery truck has the ability to use up to 100 feet of hose.

The truck uses 4” cammlock connectors. On a sealed container you will need one male and one female (Male for delivery and female for dust recovery). In the case of a textile bag container only one connection is needed (male).