Biomass Solutions Biomasse (BSB)

is a leading biomass energy provider, offering the sale of BTUs through contract and biomass heating equipment. BSB provides a profitable solution to replace fossil fuel while supporting the growth of the local economy.

Biomass Solutions Biomasse (BSB) was founded in 2011 by two long time businessmen from the province of New Brunswick: Jean Claude Savoie, owner of Groupe Savoie in Saint Quentin NB, and Malcolm Fisher, owner of Compact Appliances in Sackville NB. BSB was formed to promote biomass heating systems throughout Eastern Canada and will quote on any biomass heating project
whether through RFP issued by provincial governments, cities or towns. BSB will also quote on commercial/industrial, agriculture buildings, churches, greenhouses, apartment buildings, garages and private residences etc. where alternative sources of heating are required. BSB has been successful in installing pellet boilers in a town hall, churches,
greenhouses, poultry farms, potato farms, etc.

One of the largest contracts BSB has been awarded thus far was to install an 840 kW Binder Pellet Boiler in the Grand Falls NB Hospital, which has now been heating the hospital since 2014.

With the upcoming implementation of a carbon tax in Canada, this is a perfect opportunity to meet with our knowledgeable team to assess your heating demand and get their valuable input on what savings a biomass system might offer your business. Should you be interested in learning more please call Theo Losier at 506-395-8031 or Francis Lamarche at 506-235-5165, or email them at or

Wood Pellet Heating System

The wood pellet heating systems typically consists of major components such as:

• Truck bulk delivery unit into a storage container. (Hopper/silo).
• Conveyor system to transfer the pellet from the silo to the boiler.
• Wood pellet boiler.
• Buffer tank (needed with hot water system)
• Domestic hot water tank.
• Connection to your space heating systems.
• Heating thermostat unit to control the desired room temperature and,
• Approved chimney unit as recommended by the manufacturer.

Depending on your heating equipment you could add a hot water pellet boiler or a forced air furnace supplying your heat demand by connecting to your actual existing heating distribution system.